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Re: [GreenYes] Compostable Yardwaste Bags

check out the following website for Biocorp...sounds
like they have some of the biodegradable bags you're
looking for. 

good luck with your event!

melissa terry
education coordinator
madison county solid waste and recycling center

--- Susan Kinsella <> wrote:
> Hi, All, 
> I got the following message, wonder if anyone has
> answers that I can pass on
> to Sarah.
> Susan Kinsella
> Conservatree
> In Pueblo, CO I am on a committee that organizes the
> event Rake Up Pueblo.
> This is an annual day around veterans day where
> volunteers gather to rake
> the leaves in senior's yards.  The leaves are taken
> to the local nature
> center where they are composted.
> For the past three years the leaves have been
> transported in large 30-60
> gallon plastic trash bags.  I would like to find a
> company that makes
> decomposable Yardwaste bags to use for this event. 
> I believe that the
> decomposable Yardwaste bags are primarily made of
> paper.
> Any suggestions?
> Thank You
> Sarah R. Bruestle
> Environmental Coordinator
> Pueblo City-County Health Department
> (719)583-4526
> <> 
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