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[GreenYes] Throw-Away Cellular Phones Need Refundable Deposits


Throwaway cellular phones have to be the epitome of wastefulness.  Like 
throwaway cans
and bottles, throwaway cellular phones, razors, cameras, etc. need a 
refundable deposit to insure a high rate of recovery for recycling.  And 
let's don't stop there!!!!  How about deposits
on electronics??  That's the only way you're going to get them back in high 


At 06:09 PM 3/19/01 -0500, wrote:

>Throw-Away Phone Tossed Into Cellular Market
>     Monday, March 19, 2001
>     SAN FRANCISCO -- Cellular users may be throwing away their phones by
>the end of this year.
>     Following the lead of companies touting disposable razors and
>cameras, Telespree Communications has unveiled plans to introduce a
>partly disposable cellular phone into the U.S. market by year's end.
>     The Telespree phones with AirClips, disposable clip-on battery packs
>that keep track of how many cellular minutes are left, will be priced at
>less than $30.
>     The AirClips will be sold in 60-, 90- and 120-minute packages at drug
>stores, supermarkets, gas stations and other retail outlets, a
>spokeswoman for the San Francisco-based company said.
>     Once they have used all the prepaid minutes, consumers can keep the
>colorful handsets and throw away the battery and airtime packs.
>     "Like the razor blade in a razor, the air clips can be changed. That
>is the only truly disposable part of the phone," Telespree Chief
>Executive Alon Segal said last week.
>     Marketed as simple and easy to use, the phones have only two buttons
>and use voice-recognition technology. To make a call, the user simply
>presses the on/off button and says the number. Telespree users also will
>be able to develop online speed-dial lists.
>     "Imagine giving a wireless phone to your 8-year-old child so he can
>call you to pick him up after school by saying, 'Call home,' " said
>     Segal said the new concept in prepaid phones will make cellular a
>technology that is "everywhere for everyone."
>     A voice message will greet a disposable phone user, telling him how
>many minutes are left on the airtime pack when the phone is turned on.
>     Bryan Prohm, a senior analyst with Gartner Dataquest, doubts the
>disposable phones -- with their limited usage capability -- will compete
>in mobile markets with major companies such as Nokia, Ericsson and
>     But Prohm said the phones could "acclimate the more timid consumer to
>the wireless market," replacing calling cards and pay phones.
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