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Re: Sm Soc of Civil Engineering Study

The study you refer to is the American Society of Civil Engineer's 2001
Report Card for America's Infrastructure.  The web addess for this report

The report basically says that while overall generation rates for MSW have
gone up slightly since 1990, the percentage of MSW sent to landfills has
declined by 13% and the quanity of MSW being recycled has doubled within the
same time period.  However, one focus of the report card's recommendations
is to improve landfill design and technologies.  Another recommendation is
to increase funding for research into waste-to-energy programs.  Not a word
was devoted to recommend an increase in public funding of programs in
support of recycling or waste reduction oriented research.


Roger M. Guttentag

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Subject: Sm Soc of Civil Engineering Study

> Does anyone have information on a study released this week by the American
> Society of Civil
> Engineering that found improvements in solid waste management due to an
> increase in recycling
> at the local level? The same study found that America's roads and bridges
> are in such poor
> condition that it would take nearly $11 billion annually for the next 20
> years just to repair the
> nation's bridges.
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