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[GreenYes] [Fwd: Great Site - hot off the press]
A great, new, and irreverent tool to track personal contributions to air
pollution. Developed by the inimitable Center for Neighborhood
Technology, this calculator gets beyond the choir to the nonwonks. Worth
a look.

Cindy Pollock Shea
soon to be Sustainability Coordinator
UNC Chapel Hill (starting April 23)

FYI - from my friend Scott Bernstein's CNT shop in Chicago - great, enjoy,

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Sent: Thursday, March 08, 2001 2:46 PM
Subject: CNT Update - March 2001

- CNT Update -
A publication of the Center for Neighborhood Technology
March 8, 2001

	Minimize the Air Pollution from Your Consumer Choices with
	Interreligious Sustainability Agenda for Evanston
	Track Illinois State Legislation on the Internet
	Internship Opportunities

+ Minimize the Air Pollution from Your +
+ Consumer Choices with    +
Every time you dry your hair, make toast, or drive a car you are using
energy made from fossil fuels, and that creates air pollution. It's a grim
picture, but sources of pollution are also opportunities for change. The
Center for Neighborhood Technology designed to provide People
with simple ways to reduce their energy use and improve the quality of our

With AirHead's emissions calculator you can learn how much air pollution You
create in the course of your everyday life, and compare your personal
profile to other people in the U.S. and around the world. And AirHead offers
many simple ways to reduce the impact of your day-to-day behaviors on the
environment. Our product search, with over 60,000 products, ranks common
products like cars, computers, refrigerators, VCRs and dishwashers by their
energy-use emissions. AirHead helps users consider pollution and energy-use
in their purchase considerations. We've also written extensively on the
links between air pollution, health, products, and community.

Finally, we have created a discussion forum so you can join a community of
folks with similar concerns and questions. We hope you come to visit and tell your friends about us!

+ Sustainability Agenda for Evanston +
The Evanston Interreligious Sustainability Circle has published a "Challenge
to Candidates for Alderman" which proposes an agenda for the north suburban
city in the areas of transportation, energy, affordable housing and a
non-toxic environment. The hope is to promote a discussion of long-term
issues prior to the April 3rd election.

+ Track Illinois State Legislation on the Internet +
+--------------------------------------------------+, an Illinois legislative resource, was created in response to
this disconnect. is a tool dedicated to simplifying the process
of obtaining legislative information by providing one location for many
topics, empowering people to make informed choices and actions and providing
a framework in which to address local and regional concerns., provides weekly updates of critical pending legislation,
including condensed descriptions, "what's at stake," analyses, sponsor
lists, the latest action taken on bills, and a link to complete texts for
each bill.  The site also features resource links, information about the
co-sponsors and capability to sign up for a listserv that sends periodic
legislative updates and alerts.  LegINFO has nine partners covering nine
critical issues:

	Children, Voices for Illinois Children 
	Education,  Chicago School Leadership Cooperative 
	Health Care, Campaign for Better Health Care 
	Housing, Statewide Housing Action Coalition
	Land Preservation and Growth Management, Openlands Project 
	Not-for-Profit Issues, Donors Forum of Chicago
	Political Reform, Illinois Campaign for Political Reform 
	Poverty,  National Center on Poverty Law
	Transportation and Air Quality, Chicagoland Transportation and Air
Quality Commission

+ Internship Opportunities +
Interns play a large role at CNT. Each internship is individually crafted to
match the interests, commitment and skills of the intern with our needs.
Some interns are still in college; others have been out of college for
decades and are making changes in their careers. ALL ARE UNPAID. If you are
interested in an internship, first check out CNT's web site ( so
you know what we do; then call Steve Perkins at (773) 278-4800 Ext. 155.

Copyright 2001 Center for Neighborhood Technology  . All rights reserved.

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