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[GreenYes] Artic National Wildlife Refuge Demise
    You must excuse me for a fit of anger, but the facility with which raw venality continues to hijack that which is good in America every once in a while becomes so heinous that it breaks through even my protective shroud of cynicism.

    According to today's Wall Street Journal ("Study Predicts U.S. Need for Oil from Middle East Will Increase," 2/15/01), a new three volume study backed by a "bipartisan" group of congressional leaders and energy experts and "triggered" by former Democratic Sen. Sam Nunn and James R. Schlesinger, a former Republican secretary of defense and energy concludes that there will be no breakthroughs in energy conservation and no realization of consequences that flow from global warming, and so we have two choices: we can either become substantially more dependent upon getting more oil from Iran or Libya, or (oh you don't like that do you?) ... don't hold your breath guessing ... yes we can drill the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

    The fix is on!

    Mind you I have no problem with the automobile industry making money. More power to them. But, why the god damn hell can't they pitch high mark-up Lexuses instead of high rollover gas guzzling SUVs.


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