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[GreenYes] Fwd: Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives
Apologies for Cross-Posting

>From: ann leonard <>
>The Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives/Global Anti-Incinerator 
>GAIA is an expanding international alliance of individuals, 
>non-governmental organization, community-based organizations, academics 
>and others working to end the incineration of all forms of waste and to 
>promote sustainable waste prevention and discard management practices. 
>Since GAIA members are committed both to ending incineration and to 
>promoting alternative safe, economical and just discard management 
>systems, the name GAIA represents both a Global Anti-Incinerator Alliance 
>and a Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives.
>GAIA is the culmination of a series of gatherings about incineration and 
>alternatives held around the world in recent years. The Global Alliance 
>was initially conceived by participants from Africa, Asia, North and South 
>America and the Middle East at an International Clean Production Training 
>at the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production in June 2000.  Two months 
>later, a number of the Lowell participants joined a larger group of civil 
>society representatives in Bangkok to launch Waste Not Asia, a platform 
>linking incineration to broader issues of material policy and citizen 
>participation in governance. In December 2000, over 75 individuals from 23 
>countries met in South Africa to develop GAIA's initial structure and goals.
>GAIA members work both through regional networks and through issue 
>workgroups which provide the opportunity to transcend national and 
>regional borders to collaborate with others around the world. The initial 
>three GAIA workgroups are focused on specific waste streams: Municipal 
>Discards/Zero Waste, Hazardous Waste, and Medical Waste (GAIA's medical 
>waste work is implemented in conjunction with Health Care Without Harm). 
>Each workgroup undertakes projects to prevent incineration and to promote 
>alternatives. In addition, GAIA has identified its first global campaign 
>goal to stop the World Bank from funding incinerators around the world and 
>to support local communities targeted by the Bank for incineration to 
>instead promote alternatives.
>GAIA is co-coordinated by a Northern and Southern coordinator and an 
>international Steering Committee. To join any workgroup, or for more 
>information, please email
>GAIA is a worldwide alliance of non-profit organizations and individuals 
>who recognize that our planet's finite resources, fragile biosphere and 
>the health of people and other living beings are endangered by polluting 
>and inefficient production practices and health-threatening disposal methods.
>We oppose incinerators, landfills, and other end-of-pipe interventions. 
>Our ultimate vision is a just, toxic-free world without incineration. Our 
>goal is the implementation of clean production, and the creation of a
>closed-loop, materials-efficient economy where all products are reused, 
>repaired or recycled back into the marketplace or nature.
>We welcome any non-profit organization or individual who shares the goal 
>of ending waste incineration, promoting clean production and supporting 
>the move from waste disposal to sustainable resource use systems, which 
>respect the environment and public health, promote local economies and are 
>Members of GAIA are diverse and may have divergent views on other issues. 
>However, we are united in our work towards these shared goals. GAIA 
>members may not use their membership to further commercial interests.
>To join GAIA, please mail or fax a letter on your organization's 
>letterhead which confirms your commitment to GAIA's goals and your intent 
>to join this alliance to one of the GAIA members below. Individuals may 
>send a similar letter with their full contact details. Your letter does 
>not need to be in English.
>GAIA c/o Essential Action, PO Box 19405, Washington, DC 20036 USA
>GAIA c/o Toxics Link, H-2 Jungpura Extension, New Delhi-110014 India

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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