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[GreenYes] Logging on Salt Spring
Hi All:

I've stayed on Salt Spring  Island and would like to write to BC 
authorities to stop this logging.  Does anyone know who I should 
address my comments to?

We kayaked there and had river otters swim along our boats.  
The main town has a great reuse/recycling drop off center and 
lotsa art houses.  They have an annual blues festival that attracts
top musicians.  It is too great a place  to be destroyed.

On this same trip we camped in the Clayoquot (sp?) Sound on 
logging roads so I've seen first hand the damage caused by 
Canadian logging.

Ann Schneider

Daily Grist: 1/23/01

Six bare-breasted women -- one astride a horse, a la Lady Godiva -- 
and 30 fully clothed people protested in Vancouver, B.C., yesterday 
over a company's plan to log old growth on Salt Spring Island.  The 
protesters stopped traffic for more than an hour at the headquarters 
of the company, Texada Land Corp., and drew considerable media 
attention, prompting protester Briony Penn to remark, "I've got a PhD 
and no one listens. I take my clothes off, and here you all are." 
Texada, which began logging the island in November 1999, is the first 
company to be fined for violating the province's new forest practices 
regulation.  The Save Salt Spring Campaign has been raising money to 
buy Texada's land through publication of a nude calendar.

straight to the source:  Vancouver Sun, Glenn Bohn, 23 Jan 2001

get your nudie pics:  Save Salt Spring site

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