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[GreenYes] Recycling / Reusing Traffic Signal Light Lenses
Dear GreenYes,

I was contacted by a man from Traffic Signal Control
department from the County office.  He told me that in
northern California millions of dollars are invested
on changing old signal light glasses to LED lenses. 
Within his jurisdictions, there will be more than
5,000 lenses (red and green) discarded between
February 2001 and June 2001.  He said that this
program is happening throughout the northern
California and I am sure that many recycling
coordinators / waste management agencies are thinking
ways to reuse / recycle these lenses. For Northern
California recycling people, please give me what you
know about this program and how you are thinking of
reusing / recycling these lenses.  For other people,
please share your experiences and wisdom words with

Thank you for your help in advance.  

Kae Ono
Contra Costa County Community Development Department

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