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Re: [GreenYes] Calif. energy crisis (or opportunity?)
The California Energy Commission (CEC) is currently offering a rebate to
businesses and residences who purchase and install alternative energy
systems such as solar panels.  It is a three tiered rebate.  The first
rebate tier for residences is up to $3.00 a watt or 50% of costs.  When the
money in this tier is spent  it will drop to a lower rebate tier of $2.00 a
watt or 40% of costs.  Businesses have a similar tier structure and it has
already dropped to the second tier .  This rebate is supported by PG&E and
they have tested and approved all of the equipment on the CEC rebate form.
The CEC website is:

A company called Real Goods in California can assist you with your system
design and the rebate. You can check them out at

My husband and I have a utility intertie system on our home consisting of
18 solar panels and 2 windmills.  We generate nearly all of our own
electrical power.   We also live in an urban neighborhood of San Jose,

Thank you for letting me put in my 2 watts worth.

Nicole Jorgensen
Lead Hazardous Materials Technician
Household Hazardous Waste Program
Santa Clara County
Direct Line (408) 299-4813
Main Line (408) 299-6930
Fax Line (408) 280-6479

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