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Re: [GreenYes] Calif. energy crisis (or opportunity?)

Although there has been discussion about alternative energy sources for 
several years, and incentives for people to switch energy suppliers to 
"Green Energy" sources, there has been little progress on that front.  That 
was largely due to the low cost of natural gas from Texas, which depressed 
electricity prices down to 2-4 cents/kwh.

With the huge runup in electricity prices this past year, all of a sudden 
there is much more interest in alternative sources, but the MAIN emphasis 
has been on CONSERVATION.  The Governor has asked for a 7-8% reduction in 
everyone's use of power for us to get through the immediate crisis.  All of 
a sudden there are stories everyday in the paper about different success 
stories with energy conservation, and both residents and businesses are 
actively pursuing that goal. It looks like that emphasis will be continue 
for at least 1-2 years, while other efforts are made to develop alternate 
sources of power, and to solve the institutional fiasco of how deregulation 
was implemented here.

Gary Liss

At 01:06 PM 01/17/01 , Steen, Terri wrote:
>Does anyone know whether there are any short- or long-term efforts to ease
>the energy crisis by increasing alternative energy use and easing reliance
>on the traditional power grid?

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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