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Re: [GreenYes] GRRN Legislative Issues

Add national "Zero Waste" policy and campaign to your list per GRRN website.

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From: Ann Schneider <>
To: <>
Date: Sunday, January 14, 2001 7:19 PM
Subject: [GreenYes] GRRN Legislative Issues

>Hi All:
>I'd like to suggest that GRRN develop a set of legislative issues that
>GRRN could support over the next 2 years.  After reading Peter Anderson's
>posting on the 1/12/01 WSJ article it seems to me that we should be
>prepared to hit the media with the cost to the public from  the corporate
>subsidies for virgin material extraction (corporate welfare).  Each time
>bush and buddies push that agenda we can come back with the cost to the
>typical American and other factual information.
>I would be willing to be on a committee for this issue as it fits with
>the "someday West Coast Summit on Virgin Material Subsidies" that I
>promise will happen in the next six months.
>Here are a couple of other issues that I think could be on our
>Legislative Platform (and having just come from a vacation in South
>Florida and having a difficult time recycling, you can see where the
>ideas came from.).
>1. National Hotel and Roadside Recycling Act - This legislation would
>require hotels of all sizes and gas stations to provide recycling
>collection for the following materials - cans, bottles, newspaper,
>magazines, mixed paper.  It would also require all hotels to implement
>source reduction activities including not replacing soap daily, water
>conservation activities (daily laundering of towels and bed linens) and
>energy conservation lighting.  Rest stops on Federal Highways could also
>be included in this Act.  If linked to reduction of green house gases,
>then perhaps it might have an outside chance of success in 107 Congress.
>2. Elimination of Corporate Subsidies (Corporate Welfare) for virgin
>material extraction.
>3. Federal funding to states to research state subsidies for virgin
>materials extraction.
>4. National Bottle Bill.
>5. Congress Source  Reduction and Recycling Act - it should include a
>long list of source reduction actions perhaps including the
>recommendations made from the California Bar source reduction study that
>I think Gary Liss is working on.
>6. Stand by Clinton's Executive Order for Federal Agency recycling and
>buy recycling programs.
>7. Elimination of open burning of any garbage, greenwaste or recyclables.
>I had a great time in the Everglades taking photographs of gators, birds,
>turtles and snakes but couldn't believe that due to the drought that
>citizens were being encouraged not to do any open burning of waste
>materials.  Also S. Florida was under a haze the entire time I was there
>so again, I would think burning would be an air and health issue too.  I
>also see my relatives in law in MN and NY open buring garbage in their
>backyards.  Coming from highly populated urban area and a high fire zone,
>I just don't see the need for open burning period.  And this too could be
>linked with better source reduction, recycling and global warming
>Anything else on GRRN's activity list that I missed?
>Ann Schneider
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