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[GreenYes] GRRN Legislative Issues
Hi All:

I'd like to suggest that GRRN develop a set of legislative issues that
GRRN could support over the next 2 years.  After reading Peter Anderson's
posting on the 1/12/01 WSJ article it seems to me that we should be
prepared to hit the media with the cost to the public from  the corporate
subsidies for virgin material extraction (corporate welfare).  Each time
bush and buddies push that agenda we can come back with the cost to the
typical American and other factual information.

I would be willing to be on a committee for this issue as it fits with
the "someday West Coast Summit on Virgin Material Subsidies" that I
promise will happen in the next six months.  

Here are a couple of other issues that I think could be on our
Legislative Platform (and having just come from a vacation in South
Florida and having a difficult time recycling, you can see where the
ideas came from.).

1. National Hotel and Roadside Recycling Act - This legislation would
require hotels of all sizes and gas stations to provide recycling
collection for the following materials - cans, bottles, newspaper,
magazines, mixed paper.  It would also require all hotels to implement
source reduction activities including not replacing soap daily, water
conservation activities (daily laundering of towels and bed linens) and
energy conservation lighting.  Rest stops on Federal Highways could also
be included in this Act.  If linked to reduction of green house gases,
then perhaps it might have an outside chance of success in 107 Congress.

2. Elimination of Corporate Subsidies (Corporate Welfare) for virgin
material extraction.

3. Federal funding to states to research state subsidies for virgin
materials extraction.

4. National Bottle Bill.

5. Congress Source  Reduction and Recycling Act - it should include a
long list of source reduction actions perhaps including the
recommendations made from the California Bar source reduction study that
I think Gary Liss is working on.

6. Stand by Clinton's Executive Order for Federal Agency recycling and
buy recycling programs.

7. Elimination of open burning of any garbage, greenwaste or recyclables.

I had a great time in the Everglades taking photographs of gators, birds,
turtles and snakes but couldn't believe that due to the drought that
citizens were being encouraged not to do any open burning of waste
materials.  Also S. Florida was under a haze the entire time I was there
so again, I would think burning would be an air and health issue too.  I
also see my relatives in law in MN and NY open buring garbage in their
backyards.  Coming from highly populated urban area and a high fire zone,
I just don't see the need for open burning period.  And this too could be
linked with better source reduction, recycling and global warming

Anything else on GRRN's activity list that I missed?  

Ann Schneider                                               

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