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[GreenYes] easy Solar/Environmental systems for the home
I have an old house that I don't currently live in that is in need of significant repair if I want to keep it.  I really want to, but the cost of maintenence is high given electricity, phone, heating, and repairs.

I would like to put solar systems in place that would allow me to work there without having to "turn the power on" at the power company.  I have looked on the web to find simple, cost effective, do it yourself, plug-your-house-in for electricity kits that are easy to mail.  They all seem pretty pricy and the risk is that I may not get enough power once I have a system in place.

I envision a home hooked up to this solar/enviro electrical source that will allow me to use a computer and a small Hughes satelite dish to do work from that home.  Also, the home is in the north so I am concerned some solar energy in the winter months might not be enough. Any suggestions? Any estimate how much $ this could be done for? Or am I really, really, dreaming.

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