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    Dear Green Yesers:

    Here is an update on the Take it Back Conference. You will recognize many
    of the folks in the SCCED track! Gary Liss is moderating the SCCED track
    and is helpign with booth sales.

    The Conference is just $310 for nonprofits and government. I am extending
    early registration if you can pay by check. -- Michele Raymond

    Take it Back! Conference
     Adds Speakers, Sponsors
                                                                             Press Contact:
                                                                    Michele Raymond 301-345-4237

            Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan will provide opening remarks for Take it
    Back! Pacific Rim: Forging New Alliances for Waste Reduction, to be held
    February 28 - March 1, 2000 at the Furama Hotel, Los Angeles airport.
            In addition, the California Integrated Waste Management Board has approved
    funding to become a co-sponsor. It joins the City of Los Angeles, GTE
    Recycling. E-Tech Products, Inc., and the Southern California Council on
    Environment and Development, (SCCED) as sponsors.
            The unique new conference will bring in the world's top experts on
    recycling and producer responsibility policy, (EPR) packaging design, and
    electronics takeback. The conference is organized by Recycling Laws
    International publisher Raymond Communications, Inc., College Park. MD, and
    J. Michael Huls, REA, Azusa, CA.
            The conference is designed to brief corporate, government, and non-profit
    decision-makers on the status of EPR policy worldwide. Packaging and
    product managers will learn how to cope with the new patchwork of takeback
    laws in 28 countries, and U.S. recycling laws as well. Policy-makers will
    have an opportunity to learn of the pro's and con's of EPR from all sides,
    plus best practices from other California cities in a special government
    track organized by SCCED.
            The international portion of the conference will feature Akira Ueno, chief
    executive director of the Japan Container and Package Recycling Association
    in Tokyo, and Bente Gansum, of the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority,
    who will address electronics takeback policy in Europe. Also featured will
    be consultant David Perchard of the U.K., a top expert on European
    environmental packaging policy; Wolfgang Ringel of the Duales System
    Deutschland assigned to PRO EUROPE, a confederation of Green Dot countries;
    as well as Keith Ripley, an expert on Latin America recycling policy.
            In addition, there is a tentative acceptance from Chug-Huang Huang,
    economic professor from the National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan. He is
    on advisory committees to Taiwan's EPA on electronics and container
    takeback programs.
            A unique plenary session Feb. 29 will bring all sectors together to debate
    "Does Industry need a Law to Make Progress on EPR?" Key note speakers will
    be top government officials, to be announced. The promoters hope to
    encourage participants to establish a new California Council on Packaging
    and Environment.
            Day Two also will include a tracks for compliance with California's
    recycled content mandate on rigid plastic containers, case histories on
    electronics packaging and products, as well as the SCCED. track.
            The electronics session will include speakers from Hewlett-Packard and
    Xerox Corp. The California packaging session will feature Ruth Galanter,
    the Los Angeles City Council member who instituted the resolution on the
    Miller plastic beer bottle.
            Day Three will have a track on transportation packaging case histories,
    which will include a major case history from Texas Instruments, and from
    Vons Supermarkets, as well the latest on reusable crates.
            On Day Three there also will be an optional workshop, "Coping with
    International Packaging Takeback Laws the Details" featuring Perchard and
    U.S. environmental packaging expert Victor Bell.
             Raymond Communications publishes the newsletters Recycling Laws
    International and State Recycling Laws Update. For registration
    information, call toll-free 877-279-8388; Registration page:
            There will be room for 20 exhibitors, and space is available. Contact
    Michele Raymond at 301-345-4237 for information; Fax: 301-345-4768 E:mail:


    Michele Raymond
    Recycling Laws International/ State Recycling Laws Update
    5111 Berwyn Rd. Ste 115 College Park, MD 20740)
    301/345-4237 Fax 345-4768

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