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    National Labor and Environment Day of Action
            -- Earth in the Balance

    Des Moines, Iowa
    January 12, 2000, Wednesday, 11:00 am,

    Special Guest: David Brower

    Sponsored by: * National Forest Protection Alliance *
    Religious Campaign for Forest Conservation * Alliance
    for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment * The National
    Catholic Rural Life Conference * Native Forest Network
    * GrassRoots Recycling Network * John Muir Project *
    Ozone Action

    Members of organized labor, environmental groups,
    clergy, farmers, indigenous peoples, small businesses,
    recyclers, students, elected officials, party activists, and
    more, are converging in Iowa home of the nation's first
    presidential contest -- to demand that the presidential
    candidates begin addressing the most pressing issues of
    LIVELIHOODS. The demonstration will be held near
    Vice President Al Gore's Campaign Headquarters in
    downtown Des Moines. After the rally, demonstrators
    will caravan to the campaign headquarters of other
    candidates. This is a nonpartisan event, and we will be
    addressing all the major candidates competing in Iowa,
    Democrat and Republican.

    Our message to the candidates is simple: not enough is
    being done by our government to protect small family
    farms, workers and the environment. We want a contract
    with the presidential candidates to set our nation on a
    sustainable path that protects locally-owned businesses,
    family farmers and the environment. These issues are not
    receiving the attention they deserve in the presidential
    campaign, and we demand a national dialogue.

    Any and all organizations and activists committed to this
    goal are welcome. Bundle up for the cold weather (the
    event will be held outside), and bring your family and
    friends. Also bring your props, costumes, signs, banners,
    and energy and ideas.

    If you can't travel to Iowa, but want to support the
    demonstration, you can ENDORSE THIS EVENT by
    adding your organization's name to the list of groups that
    endorse the goals of the demonstration. This list will be
    distributed to the media. SIMPLY REPLY TO THIS
    EMAIL and we will sign your group on (please keep your
    message brief -- all we need is the name of your
    organization and a message saying, "Sign us on"). You
    can also help by FORWARDING THIS
    ANNOUNCEMENT to anyone and everyone you know
    in the environmental, farm, labor, small business and
    religious communities. The presidential candidates are
    struggling for every vote they can get in Iowa, a state
    where retail politics still thrives, and where the candidates
    must respond to the will of the voters. This is a rare
    opportunity for us to send a powerful message to our
    political leaders as we enter the new millennium.

    NFPA has some funds available to assist with car travel
    for those in need. NFPA will also assist as many activists
    as possible with housing, and we will shuttle people to
    and from the airport (but we'll need details on your

    For more information on the "RAUCOUS IN THE
    CAUCUS," or to endorse the demonstration, please
    contact the National Forest Protection Alliance through
     Jeanette Russell, russell@wildrockies.org (406)
    542-7565, or Tom Weis, twgreenfire@earthlink.net
    (515) 265-8266. Check out our webpage at

    DEBATES: Anyone who can come to Iowa for a few
    days before or after the demonstration will have an
    opportunity to participate in the statewide-televised
    January 8 Democratic and January 15 Republican
    presidential debates taking place in Des Moines. While
    few, if any, of us will be able to get inside the hall (it only
    seats 200), most of the action will be taking place outside.
    The influx of national media into Iowa during that week
    will create numerous opportunities for us to advance our
    cause. We'll need to stay flexible and seize whatever
    opportunities present themselves, but we'll definitely be
    planning some sort of formalized press events around the
    debates (at which participating groups will have an
    opportunity to distribute their materials to the media).
    We will also want to have a large presence (with signs
    and banners) for the media outside the debate.

    Jeanette Russell, Network Coordinator, National Forest
    Protection Alliance, P.O Box, 8264, Missoula,MT 59807
    (406) 542-7565, fax (406) 542-7347 email:

    The NFPA is a national alliance of citizens and
    organizations dedicated to protecting public lands from
    commercial exploitation, and in particular, protecting
    federal public lands from commercial logging.

    [The GrassRoots Recycling Network supports NFPA and
    the RAUCOUS IN THE IOWA CAUCUS's work to end
    wasteful government subsidies for timber and other
    virgin resource extraction that undermines recycling.]

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