[GRRN] Tips and Hints

Bruce Nordman (b_nedg@dante.lbl.gov)
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 16:58:28 -0700 (PDT)

[ I'm just forwarding this for the author. --Bruce ]

>From david.jenkins@cableinet.co.uk

I have been given the job of developing two new websites for the UK
dealing with tips and hints on waste and recycling.

I am looking for original articles that may be reproduced, websites or
webpages or any other relevant resources that can be used. One site will
be for the Home and the other for Business. If you are an originator or
just know of some interesting items I would like to hear from you.

Credit will be given to both the originator and the finder of any pieces
we use. We will also be providing web links wherever possible.

If you can help please contact me as soon as possible.

If you are able to pass this message on it would be a great help.

David Jenkins
Webmaster for
Cheltenham Webmasters