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At 02:51 PM 12/02/1999 -0600, Brian W. Pugh wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>Somebody asked me for the average recycled content of glass bottles. Does
>anyone have a verified industry number for that?
>Brian Pugh
>Four-County Solid Waste

Following is some data from CA Department of Conservation.

Gary Liss
From: "Hill, Jim" <>

Here is a summary sheet of glass use in Ca for last year.


1998 Glass Production and Cullet Used in California

CRV containers sold 692,142 tons
CRV containers returned 416,706 tons
Postfilled containers returned 172,494 tons

Fiberglass production in CA 297,763 tons
Fiberglass cullet use in CA 68,510 tons
Statewide average recycled content* 23.0 %

Bottle production in CA 1,625,636 tons
Bottle cullet use in CA 593,562 tons
Statewide average recycled content 36.5 %

Total cullet used by CA fiberglass and
container manufacturers** 662,072 tons

Total CRV & postfilled
containers returned** 589,200 tons

* 19,325 additional tons of fiberglass were sold in CA, but produced by
out-of-state plants. The combined recycled content of all fiberglass
produced or sold in California in 1998 was 23.6%.

** The difference between total cullet used and CRV plus postfilled
returned through the redemption system, is the use of non-bottle cullet to
produce fiberglass (manufacturers do not separately report plate glass or
other non-bottle cullet) and cullet imported into California. In addition,
some California cullet is shipped outside the state.

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