[GRRN] meet with your legislators before christmas

Gary Liss (gary@garyliss.com)
Fri, 03 Dec 1999 08:15:19

>From: "Steve Lautze" <slautze@oaklandnet.com>
>for those of you who are intrigued with the idea that progressive resource
>conservation policies, including reduce-reuse-recycle initiatives, may
>actually have a chance of passage under the new gubernatorial regime in
>sacramento, here's some specific encouragement to call your state
>legislators' local offices to set up meetings during the post-legislative
>session/holiday hiatus.
>it's a time when most legislators are spending much or most of their time
>closer to home rather than in the Capitol, such that at least theoretically,
>their constituents (that means YOU!) have at least as much access as the
>heavy hitters whom they commune with on a regular basis inside the beltway
>during the other parts of the year.
>be assertive about getting an appointment: you're helping pay their salary,
>they work for you, so don't be shy. actually, many legislators truly enjoy
>meeting with real people, talking the practical, common sense, and
>humanistic angles on policy rather than the self-interested, hyperbolic
>rhetoric they get from the hired guns in sacramento.
>for instance, tell them you'd like them to support SB 1110, the recycled
>content bill for plastic containers being carried by sen. chesbro which is
>currently stalled as a two-year bill in the assembly consumer protection
>committee. plastics lobbyists have scared the legislature into forcing a
>hearing in this hostile committee based on bogus claims that using recycled
>plastic in food and cosmetic containers will mean that the closed loop
>containers will expose us to residue of cigarette butts, gasoline, saliva,
>and other untold horrors.
>not getting through are the following facts: both coke and pepsi have
>already done mass production of bottles in the U.S. containing about 25%
>post-consumer PET during the early 90's before abandoning the practice
>because it didn't spur sales and cost a bit more; the FDA issued "letters of
>non-objection" for production of these bottles (and for many other
>containers still be produced and sold) certifying that the recycling and
>re-manufacturing process used assures protection of health and safety; that
>coke and pepsi routinely use recycled plastic bottles in europe and
>australia, and that in germany and other countries, they actually wash and
>refill these bottles with no reported health affects; that 95% of plastic
>containers in the california marketplace contain 100% virgin resin, zero
>recycled content; that use of plastic containers is increasing steeply,
>despite its poor (indeed, worsening) recycling performance; plastic
>represents the majority of litter on our beaches and in our parks; and so
>REMEMBER: you know important information that your legislator needs to hear.
>be respectful, but don't kowtow to your legislator as if he or she is some
>THEY'LL PROBABLY NEVER KNOW. enjoy! sound off on other bills and concerns,
>and tell your friends in other legislative districts.
Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485