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Moore Recycling (
Wed, 24 Nov 99 08:29:19 -0000

Oh please, let us try not to be SO self righteous. Did you ever consider
that Ms. Cable might be speaking of her shoes, and of her children's,
parent's or other extended family members? It is not helpful to
personally attack someone who is trying to do the right thing.
Patty Moore

>I loved the inquiry on recycling shoes. Who throws away NUMEROUS PAIRS of
>shoes EACH YEAR? Either she is a hyperperipatetic octopod, or she needs a
>shoe polish kit (it's like trading in your car when the floor mats need
>vacuuming). This seems not to be a recycling issue, but an obsessive
>consumption issue. Twelve Steps are called for (which unfortunately may
>lead to even more shoes being trashed before their time, since she evidently
>does very few more than twelve steps per pair in the first place). Start
>with acknowledging a Higher Power -- the power of advertising. Then,
>promise to stay away from Papagallo. Etc.
>Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 14:57:09 PST
>From: "Cortney Cable" <>
>Subject: [GRRN] Recylcing shoes
>Message-ID: <>
>Content-Type: text/plain; format=flowed
>I am interested in recycling shoes. Does anybody have any information or
>know who I could contact to find out about doing this? I have numerous pairs
>of shoes that I throw away each year and I would like to stop doing this.
>Any thoughts or ideas would be helpful.
>Cortney Cable
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