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Kennedy Cheri L DLVA (KennedyCL@NSWC.NAVY.MIL)
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I don't have any answers for you John, just wanted to echo what you said. I
work at a Navy Base and the Navy Exchange has been replacing all the
aluminum can dispensing machines with bottles. When I asked them if they
had performed any kind of environmental impact study before making this
decision, they looked at me like I was crazy.... And stated that it was
purely an economical decision. They said that their marketing folks had
determined they could make a bigger profit... unfortunately I do not yet
recycle plastic here because I still do not have a facility to operate out
of. (The Navy is downsizing, getting money for new programs is
laughable...) We collect paper products in closed top 40 cubic yd roll-offs
and haul 75 miles to the nearest buyer. We're very rural and there's no way
I could generate enough plastic to make the effort worthwhile. Boooooo.

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> Hi, I know there has been a lot of discussion on this list about soft
> drink packaging - A large institution that I work with is reviewing a
> tender for 40 soft drink machines. At present these machines carry
> aluminum cans. There is a recycling program set up for these cans, and
> the institution receives some revenue from this recycling. The new
> tender wants to replace the machines with 600 ml plastic bottles.
> Recycling of these bottles will be cost neutral at best and may actually
> cost, because the bottles have to be shipped quite far (often to the US
> from Canada). Does anyone have any thoughts, or comments on this
> proposed change? Are there significant environmental impact differences
> between using the aluminum as opposed to the plastic? Any info you can
> provide would be greatly appreciated.
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> John
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