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Hi GAry,

I submit Laytonville Elementary and Middle School in Laytonville,
California in Mendocino County. Under the direction of teacher Binet Payne,
she, her students, staff, fellow teachers, administrators, and custodial
staff have develped a comprehensive program for vermicomposting cafeteria
wastes. Initially they vermicomposted 3600 pounds of food waste, using the
vermicompost in the school gardens, some of which produced food sold back
to the cafeteria. The bedding they use is shredded paper, much of which is
collected by students going down the halls with wheelbarrows to collect
that produced in elementary classrooms--you know the construction paper,
and crayon-filled paper which is too contaminated to go into the dumpster.
Older students shred it in a shred shed constructed by high school
students. Meat and dairy wastes are picked up by a pig farmer, milk cartons
and all other recyclables are recycled. Savings are estimated at $6000 per
year for this school of around 400.

She documented this whole program in her excellent book, "The Worm Cafe:
Mid-scale vermicomposting of Lunchroom Wastes," which we published early in

As you know, get the kids involved, and the adults will follow!

Mary Appelhof

>The CA Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) has retained the
>University of CA, Santa Cruz Extension (UCSC-Ext.) and a team of
>consultants to develop 24 case studies and a statewide videoconfernce of
>local government success stories and model programs in reuse, recycling and
>composting. The videoconference will be held in 10 or more locations
>around California in mid to late March, 2000. The consultant team includes
>Rick Best (CAW), Brenda Platt & Kelly Lease (ILSR), Gary Liss (GLA), and
>Stephen Compass (video producer). The CIWMB wants the project to address
>solid waste and recycling issues and programs applicable to both northern
>and southern California, urban, rural and agricultural areas, and larger
>and smaller cities.
>The UCSC-Ext. team would like to get your input on the following:
>- What case study topics would you like to see covered?
>- Which model programs should be highlighted?
>- Who can be contacted to obtain details about the model programs?
>- Can you refer us to sites around the state which have satellite
>downlinking capabilities and may be able to act as host/receiving sites?
>Please email your recommendations to by 11/24/99.

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