Re: greenyes-d Digest V99 #340

Tanis Skislak (
Wed, 10 Nov 1999 18:44:48 -0800 (PST)

Holy Guacamole! Before I can even get my
response to my "anonymous" columnist posted, I
see the barrage of listings about Betsy Hart's
article. All that trouble I took to keep her
identify concealed just in case I was wrong about
my reaction to her phone call and POOP, there she
is in all of her glory and gee, I was,
unfortunately correct. Well, I sent her the
letter before I knew the impact of the article
and still haven't seen it. Oh, well, I probably
did "see" it when Tierney wrote the same thing.
Rather than get my knickers in a twist, I think I
will skip reading. It is, after all, not the
content that is the problem, it is the attitude
of the writer and the space her comments take up
on our valuable resource: paper. Does anyone who
reads these papers have address for Letters to
the Editor? I would be glad to edit my letter a
little and send it in as a response. After all,
an email is only reuse of all those little
000111000111's. Tanis


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