[GRRN] Environmentally preferred newsletters

Chandramouli, Saraswati (SARASWATI.CHANDRAMOULI@saic.com)
Wed, 10 Nov 1999 18:36:49 -0800

Issue: Printing newsletters/employee bulletins in glossy-shiny-colored and
most likely virgin paper.

I'm looking for
a) A source that will give me a life cycle costs comparison on using
recycled content paper or alternative Kenaf paper or responsibly harvested
paper etc vs. virgin glossy paper as described above.

b) What is the state of the art environmentally preferred material
specification for public education pieces and newsletters? (other than
e-mail which is also very dubious to me with all the issues related to
computer EPR and recycling/disposal - and the latest being that computer
dismantlers have high levels of dangerous flame retardants in their blood
(that sounds scary!).