[GRRN] Number of computers sold

Dawn Amore (DawnA@NRC-Recycle.org)
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The "Electronic Product Recovery and Recycling Baseline Report:
Recycling of Selected Electronic Products in the United States" was
released in May 1999. It has many of the statistics that Ted Smith
used in his fact sheet, as well as sales/shipment data for eight
products. It only provides national sales figures, not figures for
individual states. The report is available for a cost from the National
Safety Council, www.nsc.org, and I was one of the authors of the
report when I worked there.

I'm now working for the National Recycling Coalition, which has
started its own project on electronics reuse and recycling. We'll be
developing many different information services and products this
year that will help to inform people about proper management of
electronic products. We'll also be helping to connect people who
own outdated equipment with reuse organizations and recyclers
throughout the country. If you have any questions at all about
where to find reports, statistics, companies, etc., please send me an
e-mail at dawna@nrc-recycle.org.

Dawn Amore

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I've seen a wide variety of figures quoted for the number of PCs
and televisions sold in the U.S. and in California in 1998. Does
anyone know a definitive number and source for each, or the trade
organization(s) that might? I've searched with no success.
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