[GRRN] ADMIN: A Few Reminders

Shay Mitchell (shay@earthsystems.org)
Mon, 04 Oct 1999 12:22:42 -0400

Greenyes list subscribers,

A few reminders:

1) The address to post letters to is greenyes@earthsystems.org whether you
are a regular or digest subscriber. The addresses greenyes-request@earthsystems.org
and greenyes-d-request@earthsystems.org are for administrative requests, such
as subscribing and unsubscribing. These -request addresses go to computers, not humans
so please follow the instructions on http://www.grrn.org/greenyes.html exactly.

2) If you have any problems whatsoever with the list that require human instervention,
please write to www@earthsystems.org. Please remember to say the problem is with
the greenyes list, since earthsystems.org hosts several lists.

3) Please do not inlcude attachments (Word documents, pictures, etc) in your letters.
Since, some subscribers have older mail readers, it is the policy of this list not to include
any attachments.

Take care all,

Shay Mitchell
GreenYes List Administrator

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