[GRRN] Fw: Chlorine-free, 60% Post-consumer Copier Paper

Bill Sheehan (zerowaste@grrn.org)
Sun, 26 Sep 1999 08:20:04 -0400

Message forwarded with annotations. GRRN is also
using Rolland DP 100 copy paper.
/bill s.

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From: Archie J. Beaton <cfpa1@ibm.net>
To: Environmentally-preferable products procurement
Sent: Sunday, September 26, 1999 6:28 AM
Subject: [eppnet] Re: Copier Paper

The State of Vermont is using Rolland Inc. New Life DP 100,
a certified PCF [processed chlorine-free] paper that contains
60% pcw [post-consumer fiber by weight] (80% total recycled
fiber) with 20% virgin fiber that is TCF [totally chlorine-free --
post-consumer fiber may have been originally processed
with chlorine bleach]. This sheet has no old growth virgin fiber,
the virgin fiber is TCF, the mill has no environmental permit
violations and the virgin pulp comes from sustainable forestry.
There is not a cleaner greener sheet we can find today that
compares. It is also priced competitively. Contact Robert Boivin
at 800-567-9872 at Rolland, or Steven Meyer at 800-917-1100
at Lenaro Paper, or Caryn Esko at 800-942-8817.

If you want more information on PCF papers visit our web site
www.chlorinefreepaper.org or call me. We can help.

Archie Beaton
Chlorine Free Products Association

Rebecca Bartlett wrote:

> NERC is considering whether to buy a chlorine free (PCF), 100% pc
> copier paper, or Great White (Union Camp) which is now 30% pc.
> At our volume (5-7 cases per purchase), the price of the
> "greener" paper is 1/3 greater--we are having trouble accepting
> this price difference.