Re: [GRRN] Call for Abstracts-Zero Waste @ AWMA; Due 9/20
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I have sent your email on to Graham Mannall Policy Manager at ACT
Waste. Would you like abstracts on both the Canberra, Australia
governments policy of "No Waste by 2010" and Zero Waste New Zealand?


Gerard Gillespie

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Subject: [GRRN] Call for Abstracts-Zero Waste @ AWMA; Due 9/20
Author: <> at AARNET
Date: 9/16/99 5:19 PM

The Air and Waste Management Association (AWMA) is soliciting abstracts for
its June 18-22, 2000 Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, UT. I am
chairing a Session on "Zero Waste" and encourage you to send in an abstract
ASAP for this Conference Session.

This conference attracts many thousands of professionals in the fields of
air and waste management, with a large exhibit hall. The papers will
become part of the Proceedings and will be available on CD ROM.

The Zero Waste Session was described as follows by Marjorie Clarke, who is
the track coordinator:

"Ten years ago, EPA and many states promulgated solid waste management acts
with goals, mandates, and target dates for recycling and prevention of solid
waste. Today, some localities, as well as some innovative companies, have
succeeded in achieving their objectives, and have started to move towards
zero waste generation. This session aims to gather the latest information on
methods of working towards and achieving zero waste."

The Zero Waste Session is one of six sessions proposed for the Integrated
Waste Management track. The other sessions are:

- Industrial Ecology Applied to Waste Management
- Commercial, Institutional and Residential Recycling and Waste Reduction
- Industrial Waste Minimization and Recycling
- Collection of Municipal Waste, Recyclables, and Compostables
- Computer Applications in Integrated Waste Management

To submit an abstract, fill out the abstract submittal form online at or download the form in WORD, complete it and past it
into the text of an email message and send to <>. Please
cc: me with your email.

Deadline is September 20, 1999.


Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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