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There is actually quite a lot of research out there on what can be done to
encourage recycling. I'm glad you asked because it seems to me that most
of the research stays in academic circles and doesn't get read by the folks
actually implementing recycling programs. Most of the studies I have
looked at have involved surveys that come up with the same three basic
barriers to recycling behavior:

1) Inconvenience
Some folks just won't recycle if they find it inconvenient - (if the
drop-off is too far away, if materials take too much time to sort or rinse,
if they don't have the space to store materials to be recycled) The trick
is to make recycling just as easy as just throwing something away in the

2) Lack of knowledge
This can be both lack of "how-to-recycle" knowledge (as in which materials
can be recycled and where) and lack of knowing why recycling is a good
idea, or why solid waste is a problem. People won't bother if they don't
think it is important, and if it isn't absolutely obvious to figure out how
to do it, most people won't spend the energy to find out how.

3) Lack of salience and personal efficacy
There are a lot of myths that recycling is bogus - wastes more energy than
it saves - that all the stuff ends up in the same landfill anyway. This
makes the effort taken to recycle seem useless, that any one individuals
effort will not be solving any problems so why bother. This is where
education on the real local effects of recycling can be effective. Knowing
they are truly making a difference can provide the incentive for a person
to recycle.

My suggestion is that instead of issuing a survey which will likely turn
up versions of the barriers I have just mentioned, you might want to put
together a focus group to brainstorm on how to overcome these obstacles in
your particular workplace.

If you or anyone else on the list would like to know more about the studies
I have come across, I have a bibliography I'd be happy to email you. You
can reach me at


Alexandra Gorman
University of Montana
Environmental Studies Program

>>Subject: [GRRN] Need for survey
>>Author: "James Kantor" <>
>>Date: 9/15/99 6:14 AM
>>Subject: [GRRN] Need for survey
>>To: greenyes; multiple recipients of
>>Does anyone have some survey material that they have used to determine
>>why a person does not like to recycle? I would like to conduct a survey
>for >a large government complex to determine what
>> the recycling office can do to further encourage recycling.
>>The rates are good, but I still see much going into trash cans.
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