[GRRN] Recycling incentives for commercial waste haulers

Robert T. Lester (rlester@igc.org)
Wed, 08 Sep 1999 08:59:32 -0400

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Can anyone out there help me with several pieces of information:

1. I'm looking for historical pricing (either hardcopy or on-line but
preferably free) for SOP and OCC for the SE region for the last 5-10
years. Waste News has pricing only for Atlanta for the last 18 months
and Official Board Markets can supply some of the information but for

2. I'm interested in the experience of others in building incentives
for recycling into commercial waste hauling/recycling contracts with
large, integrated haulers. How can they can be made to divert material
into the recycling stream without receiving too much of the value of the

3. Does anyone have the exact figures and source for the statement that
waste haulers generally make X more dollars per ton for hauling and
disposing of regular garbage compared with recycling (what type?)?
Why's that necessarily the case? Is it the structure of the industry?

Thanks in advance for any advice, comments or leads.

Robert Lester
IAG Environmental, LLC
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