Re: [GRRN] No Jobs in the Environmental Field?
Wed, 8 Sep 1999 01:55:07 EDT

9/7/99 6:12 PM Kae Ono

>I thought
>environmental laws and regulations are getting tighter
>and consequently there will be more job opportunities
>to meet the requirement.


The bad news is that over recent years the federal government (with the
blessing of the Administration) has been actively deregulating in many
areas, and failing to enforce in existing law in many areas.

This has been done under the guise of "devolving" regulatory authority to
the states as an example of "reinventing government." However, it should
probably be known as DE-inventing government. It is part of an overall
strategy to hand more and more power and control over to multinational
corporate interests.

There may be more job opportunities for people trained in any of the
various environmental fields, but the growth is in the corporate sector,
where the jobs focus on exploiting, not protecting, the environment.

David Orr