Re: [GRRN] Political Winds -- Global Warming...and Beyond?

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Thu, 22 Jul 1999 11:13:30 -0500

In response to my query about whether business and George Bush Jr. concern
to not look opposed to the effort to address Global Warming is really an
indication of polling showing heightened public environmental awareness,
several people wrote back pointing to the Earth Day 2000 focus on energy
efficiency as the source.

I don't think that's what's going on. Earth Day organizers are seeking to
drive the public debate using the 30 year anniversary as the news peg.
That strategic interest group positioning is the not the sort of thing that
spills out as of overwhelming importance to folks in focus groups.

It's fundamentally different from what deep seated feelings in the public
consciousness may be erupting again today, just like it had in 1988 when
George Bush Senior decided to run as the Environmental President, even tho
he had opposed most env. measures as VP.

Many had keyed that to the Garbage Barge. I saw it differently. I think it
was the heat wave of that year which suddenly crystalized tangibly the
greenhouse effect into people's consciousness and thence their souls. The
sweat on people's brow after 30 days of 90+ degrees made the science very

This because the greenhouse effect, for the first time, was graphic
indication that our env. transgressions were soiling our nest so badly that
the wealthy and middle class couldn't simply move away to put it behind.
As senitent living things, the greatest driving force is how to address our
own mortality. Most surmount that through our children. And destroying
their nest is having to starkly confront our own deaths.

That's the coat tails on which recycling coasted to fruition 1989-1993.

Is something like THAT happening again. Millenium fever perhaps?

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