[GRRN] Out of state trash

Jeff Surfus (jeffsurfus@email.msn.com)
Wed, 21 Jul 1999 14:09:15 -0400

I'm back after a few months away and I am sorry I missed much of the
discussion about out of state waste, the hearings in Washington, etc.

A few tidbits,

I find it hilarious that Sen Bayh and Sen Voinovich were complaining of
being out of state waste targets when both Indiana and Ohio send huge
amounts of garbage to my state--Michigan.

Wisconsin, the ever conscientious state, while attempting to stop garbage
from coming in, is shipping it over the border to the upper peninsula of

In a NAFTA-backers dream come true, the City of Toronto, Ontario is shipping
ALL, I repeat ALL, of their municipal solid waste to one landfill in
Washtenaw County, Michigan. It's a BFI landfill in my county. So we've
been experiencing what Virginia has been experiencing for a number of
years....only it's focused on one landfill in one county!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot...medical waste from Chicago goes to an incinerator
in western Michigan

So if you get out the map, you can see we're getting screwed from every

Something has to change...

Jeff Surfus