[GRRN] SB 1110 (Plastics Recycling) Passes Senate Floor

Rick Best (rgbest@cawrecycles.org)
Thu, 03 Jun 1999 12:31:08 -0700

Senate Bill 1110 (Chesbro) just passed the California Senate Floor this
morning, 21-15. The bill increases the requirements of the current law
from 25% to 35% (making equal to our glass law) and restores food and
cosmetic containers to the law (they were exempted in 1996). It was a
tough vote, but we prevailed despite over a dozen plastics industry
lobbyists working against the bill.

In presenting the bill, Senator Chesbro suggested a number of amendments
that he will put into the bill in the first Assembly committee.
Essentially they would keep food and cosmetics exempt from the requirements
of the current law, but create a new program to address recycling of food
and cosmetic containers. Those containers would be required to achieve at
least a 35% recycling rate.

Coupled with yesterday's vote in support of Bottle Bill expansion (SB 332),
it appears that there is tremendous opportunity this year to strengthen
manufacturer's responsibility in the area of plastics recycling. Stay
tuned on the upcoming fight in the Assembly Natural Resources Committee
which will occur sometime between June 14 and July 16.
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