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Intitute for Local Self-Reliance (ilsr@igc.org)
Fri, 28 May 1999 08:41:07 -0400

Sorry for breaking off before.

I would like to refer the network to ILSR's New Rules web page which can

be reached through our regular web page: WWW.ilsr.org. The New Rules
project identifies laws and regulations that are needed for a
sustainable, community based economy. It also identifies rules that are
anathema to such an economy.

Also, I cover the issue of grass roots organizations changing the market

place for recycling in my l996 article for Biocycle Magazine (reprinted
by several environmental products trading company newsletters), "Who is
Behind the Attack On Recycling?." This article is also reprinted on our
web page under Waste To Wealth Program section.

An exercise that I find useful is to think of the rules and regulations
we would put forward, and those that we would repeal, when "recyclers
rule the world.": That is when the majority of our elected officials are


This exercise helps address the oft-heard response. "Oh, you can't get
that through the city council, etc." In fact we have gotten a lot of
changes through that skeptics said we never could or would. Refillables
are do-able! They make economic and environmental sense. Refillable
containers are just the start for a sustainable economy. Many things
will become refillable/re-usable if our collectve efforts are
successful. Re-use is already a $5 billion industry employing
500,000 workers. Refillable containers can act as a metaphor for
numerous refillable and re-usable products and packages, including
residential, commercial and industrial construction products.

Let's not compromise this issue. It is as compelling as recycling


Neil Seldman

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