[GRRN] glass vs plastic and refillables

Intitute for Local Self-Reliance (ilsr@igc.org)
Fri, 28 May 1999 08:40:12 -0400

I appreciate the discussions of glass vs plastic and refillables in

For those who want to foresake refillables, I remind that initial EPA
studies made in the early l970's estimated that refillables are 200
times more efficient with regard to energy and pollution vs. recycling.

With regard to the "need for market pull". Certainly markets for
recovered materials are critical. But let us not fall prey to the myth
of the market. The market is what we make it. That is, the market
reflects the rules we make to govern our lives. We can change rules as
we want to change our lives.

More on this later.

Neil Seldman

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