[GRRN] 25% recycled content requirement for plastics

Pat Franklin (cri@igc.org)
Wed, 26 May 1999 13:51:23 -0700 (PDT)


Does the legislation have a chance, in your opinion? Do the recycled content
requirements have any TEETH other than the fines? What has happened to
companies that do not use 10% recycled content in their containers under the
current law?

Pat Franklin

I agree with the need for a large market pull for plastics. To this end, two
Wisconsin Legislators yesterday announced the introduction of
legislation to increase and improve Wisconsin's law to require recycled
content in plastic containers. The legislation does four things:

1. It increases the requirement from the current rate of 10%
recycled content to 25% by 2005.

2. It requires that the recycled content be post-consumer, and
removes the ability to use pre or post-industrial scrap.

3. If modifies an exemption for food content containers to permit an
exemption only if the FDA prohibits the use of recycled content.

4. It increases the fines for violations.

Wisconsin welcomes other states to introduce and adopt similar
legislation. The more states that join together, both the easier it will be to
get this legislation enacted and the more effect it will be to expand

If you would like, we can share the actual legislation as soon as it is
formally introduced.

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