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Pete Pasterz (Pete.Pasterz@USDWP.MSU.EDU)
Wed, 26 May 1999 15:08:56 -0400

Thanks for the update on this, Peter. Actually, this is not a NEW
observation. In a compendium of research published by Institute for Local
Self Reliance in 1990, entitled "Are Styrene Food and Beverage Containers a
Health Hazard?" there are 12 references listed, dating from 1976. Another
frequently cited work is a paper titled "Styrene Migration into Human Adipose
Tissue" by Geo. Baggett, presented at the University of MO at KC. In it, he
cites many studies, including work funded by EPA in 1988 which show some
alarming findings, the principal one of which is that 100% of all human fat
tissues sampled contained styrene. He also noted that the research done by
Midwest Research Institute was threatened by then Reagan Administration under
heavy pressure from industry.

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According to the May 1999 Plastics in the Environment (U.K.):

"Japan's National Institute of Health Sciences clains that the
conclusions of its recent research suggest that dimers and trimers present
in PS foam packaging may leach into food. The research consisted of plaing
fatty food in PS cups. The fats attracted the dimers and trimers, in the
same way as organic solvents. If these chemicals enter the body they may
impari reproductive function. Many of the chemicals present in PS behave
like hormones that occur naturally. PS foam is widely used by Japanese
manufacturers of instant noodles."
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