RE: Size of the Municipal Solid Waste Management Industry

Jenny Heumann (
Thu, 06 May 1999 14:46:07 -0400

The new study that Jerry Powell referred to in a previous E-mail to this =
list on the size of the solid waste management industry, was released by =
the Environmental Research and Education Foundation (in Washington, DC), =
not NSWMA or its parent company EIA.

I have attached a press release (below) that the foundation sent out May =
5, which overviews the scope of the new study. If you have any questions, =
please feel free to contact me at EIA, or Ed Repa or Michael Cagney with =
the foundation (both can be reached at 202-244-4700).

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Study Shows Florida Municipal Solid Waste Management Industry Generates in =
Excess of $3 Billion in Annual Revenues
The Environmental Research and Education Foundation Sponsors an Eye-Opening=

Washington, DC, May 5, 1999-- A first-of-its-kind study indicates that =
Florida's municipal solid waste management industry currently employs more =
than 21,000 and generates more that $3 billion in annual revenue. The =
results of this beta-test study show that the Florida market is bigger =
than previously thought to be.

The Environmental Research and Education Foundation retained R.W. Beck, =
Inc., a national solid waste management consulting firm, and Chartwell =
Information Publishers to develop an approach for determining the size of =
the U.S. solid waste management industry in terms of total revenue, =
employment, quantities of solid waste managed, number of facilities and =
pieces f equipment, and other meaningful industry statistics. Data were =
gathered for three major subgroups:

public sector organizations
privately held companies, and
publicly trades companies.

Based on the results of the beta test, the study will be expanded =
nationally to include the other 49 states.

"we are very pleased with the results of the beta-test analysis," said =
Michael Cagney, executive director of the foundation. "The Florida study =
was thorough, and we feel confident that the strict methodology developed =
for Florida will provide the necessary groundwork for obtaining statistical=
ly accurate measurements on a national basis." The national study should =
be complete by the end of the calendar year.

Until this study, the availability of independent, authoritative, =
comprehensive, and statistically defensible solid waste industry data was =
limited because of the significant number of public and private sector =
players in the solid waste industry and the wide range of services =

The foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, funds =
research to develop environmental solutions for the future,

For more information on the foundation or results of the study, contact Ed =
Repa, director of environmental programs for the foundation, at (202) =