[GRRN] New Zealander seeks answers on sustainable development

Pat Franklin (cri@igc.org)
Thu, 6 May 1999 09:04:05 -0700 (PDT)

Here is a note from a 'ZERO WASTE' New Zealander who has some questions.
His email address is at the bottom if anyone happens to have any answers.

Actually, it is foreseable that the whole south island may become a zero
waste to landfill island! Zero Waste New Zealand is offering substantial
funding and assistance to the first 10 districts councils to adopt a zero
waste policy. It may be a long term objective and does require a bit of a
mind shift on conventional waste management policies, but last November
Council adopted my recommendation to adopt a zero waste to landfill policy
in Kaikoura - joy of joys!

>In Kaikoura we are in the process of reviewing our 10 year District Plan. I
>have made several submissions to it with regards to Environmental Guidelines
>for new development, however, after much consideration I have decided that I
>wish to go one step further, and actually submit a recommendation that
>actual ' rules ' are set out in the plan as opposed to mere guidelines. I am
>however, not sure how far I can go in terms of legally enforcing new
>developers to manage their waste and the environment responsibly. Is there
>such District( State may be more an appropriate word to use!) legislation in
>the US that enforces responsibility for new development?

I am specifically talking about any developers who require a resource
consent. What I am considering very strongly is that for the new district
plan, it is a condition when applying for a resource consent that developers
must also supply a waste management plan. In the wm plan it would detail:

>1.the alternatives considered with respect to minimisation, generation,
storage, collection and disposal of waste
>2. the quantities and categories of waste which the development or
activities will generate
>3. the proposed system of waste storage, collection and disposal
>measures that will be taken to avoid, prevent and mitigate adverse effects
>Is there any such legislation in US States?

>best regards
>Kirsty J.Archibald
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