[GRRN] ? What's the Current State of Recycling in U.S. ?

Bernardo Issel (npap@erols.com)
Wed, 05 May 1999 09:43:39 -0400


I'm interested in writing a little bit about the current state of
recycling in the U.S.

Wonder if any reports or assessments have been released in the last
few years that could be helpful. Any informal thoughts you might have
would be welcome.

As for myself on a personal level, have noticed what i interpret as
backward steps, including
at local copy shops less availability of recycled paper
use to be quite available at Staples and Office Depot
but no longer here in D.C., and one is required to buy
the recycled paper separately and thus pay extra to use
the hammermill 100%, 50% post consumer no longer available
best can find in stores is a 20%
at georgetown univ., recycling program given little support
an administration moving to utilize unrecycled materials
as cost saving measure

Anyway, would appreciate more serious thoughts about the matter.


Bernardo Issel
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NonProfit Accountability Project
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