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Wed, 28 Apr 1999 11:23:14 EDT


Bottle deposit bill becomes law

Date: Tuesday, April 20, 1999
Publication: Daily Page: 02
Section: News
Keywords: Sanitation, Law, Environment, Knesset

The country may get cleaner as a result of the Drink Container Deposit Law
passed by the Knesset yesterday.
Exempt from the law are drinks in plastic bags, cartons, or in containers of
1.5 liters or larger. Shas insisted that the 1.5-liter bottles, which are
two-thirds of drink containers, be exempt to prevent the poor from assuming
extra expenses.
The law takes effect on April 2, 2000. Under it, the price of nearly all
small drink containers is to include a 0.25 agorot deposit that can be
refunded where it was sold.
However, stores of less than 28 square meters will be exempt from collecting
the returned containers and giving the refund. The law also calls for
establishing recycling centers.
Deposit money that is not collected will go to a special fund to promote
Those who market or sell the products without a deposit will be subject to a
penalty three times the deposit fees.
Containers must be clearly marked as carrying a deposit fee.
Economics Committee chairman Amnon Rubinstein (Meretz) said that 'it is
heart-breaking to see litter at all of the country's recreation sites.' He
said that besides cleaning up the country, the law would be an economic boon
since it would spur the recycling industry.
MK Avraham Poraz (Shinui), the sponsor of the law, said the best way to
implement it is to position collection machines outside of supermarkets that
automatically return the deposit and also crush the material to be recycled.
from The Jerusalem Post

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