[GRRN] COKE TAKE IT BACK - Milwaukee WI Earth Day Action

Bill Sheehan (zerowaste@grrn.org)
Sun, 25 Apr 1999 04:55:13 -0400

Earth Day Action - Milwaukee WI
April 24, 1999

[From Charlene Lemoine, Waukesha County
Environmental Action League. Email:
clemoine@execpc.com Website: www.weal.org
WEAL is a 20 year old grassroots volunteer
environmental group in Waukesha County,

Waukesha County Environmental Action League
(WEAL) and Absolute Campus Ecology (ACE,
student group Carroll College) mailed nearly 50
COKE bottles today at the Waukesha Post Office.

Additionally, WEAL had a booth at the first
annual "Celebrate Mother Earth Fair" held in
downtown Waukesha today. Our display included
mailing labels, instructions, and general
information regarding the COKE-Take It Back


Mr. Douglas Ivester
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
One Coca-Cola Plaza
Atlanta, GA 30313

RE: Take It Back Campaign

Dear Mr. Ivester:

Waukesha County Environmental Action League
(WEAL) has joined with the GrassRoots Recycling
Network and 88 groups across the nation to take
part in the "Coke-Take It Back Campaign."

WEAL believes manufacturers have a
responsibility to design products and packaging
with a goal to "close the loop" by utilizing
recycled content in the production process.
This is especially true in the case of PET
plastic. Recycling rates for PET continue to
plummet, and markets are severely depressed.

Coca-Cola has an opportunity transform an image
of environmental neglect to an industry leader
by preserving resources and reducing waste. A
commitment to "close the loop" will
significantly improve depressed markets by
incorporating recycled PET into the Eight
Billion plastic bottles produced annually by

Today, WEAL members, students, and others
concerned with the environment are mailing COKE
bottles to you, Mr. Ivester, to demonstrate our
disappointment with Coca-Cola.

With more unrecycled PET bottles infiltrating
the market every day,, WEAL asks that COKE
forget about the "REAL THING" and please
finally DO THE RIGHT THING. Use recycled
content in you manufacturing process and give
your COKE bottles a chance to come back again
as another bottle.


Charlene Lemoine
Waste Issues Representative
Waukesha County Environmental Action League