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Sun, 18 Apr 1999 08:10:54 -0400

At 01:25 AM 4/18/99 EDT, you wrote:

> 1.) We shred all our junk mail and other papers that we can't

>readily recycle. We use some as packing (pass the buck recycling) but
still have stuff left over. Is there any reason I can't add shredded
junk mail to my compost pile? Anything toxic in the inks, or any reason
I can;t have a little shredded plastic in my dirt??? Anything else???


> 2.) I am looking into getting a composting toilet (real personal

>recycling ala Peter M.) Anyone know what the best supplier and models
are? What to stay clear of? What to watch out for? (And please don;t
ask me to read that 350 page book I just read about.)


Dear Steve:

1. I have a similar problem to you in that I live in an area where the
curbside recyclables collection services operated by the local waste
companies don't take OCC/paperboard as part of the "acceptable" paper
stream. I have identified drop-off centers and periodic recycling drives
that do take this material. So I accumulate and then periodically (every
4 - 6 months) I make a special trip to the location that will take it.

2. The recycle and greenyes lists have identified in previous postings
resources on where to go to get off direct mail marketing lists. I would
also make sure that you contact everyone you have a commercial
relationship with (credit cards, telephone co, utility co., etc.) to make
sure you know how to "opt out" of their system - meaning that you can
request that they don't provide your name to outside marketers for any
reason. Often, if you visit their web sites, this information will be
found as part of the site that is devoted to their privacy policies.
Often it is a hyperlink that is at the bottom of the home page in 3 point
high text so make sure you have a magnifying glass available when you
start looking.

3. Ultimately, I think the only way to control the issue of unwanted
direct mail is to enact legislation that acknowledges that people "own"
their names and that your name cannot be used, distributed or even held
in any commercial database without your permission. Even if such
legislation was enacted, I am sure that millions of people would be
successfully enticed with cheap gimmicks (say yes and we'll send you a
beanie babie of your choice with your name on it! Wow!) to granting
unrestricted permission to the use of their names.

4. With respect to composting toilets here is a web site that is devoted
to this issue called - can you believe it! - Composting Toilet World

Not only can you find vendor information at this site but even
information on how to build your own composting toilet if that idea has
any appeal to you.


Roger M. Guttentag


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