[GRRN] Composting Questions

Sun, 18 Apr 1999 01:25:55 EDT

I guess I've traded in my habit of pushing peoples political buttons
for trying to get to a Zero Waste household. Some questions for any of you
experts out there:

1.) We shred all our junk mail and other papers that we can't
readily recycle. We use some as packing (pass the buck recycling) but still
have stuff left over. Is there any reason I can't add shredded junk mail to
my compost pile? Anything toxic in the inks, or any reason I can;t have a
little shredded plastic in my dirt??? Anything else???

2.) I am looking into getting a composting toilet (real personal
recycling ala Peter M.) Anyone know what the best supplier and models are?
What to stay clear of? What to watch out for? (And please don;t ask me to
read that 350 page book I just read about.)

Stephen Suess