[GRRN] A Fix for VCR's and Y2K problems

Wed, 14 Apr 1999 19:03:46 -0800


One of my co-workers passed this info along as she researched what to do
with her VCR. I haven't verified this but if any of you are working on
Y2K issues you may want to add this to the list of issues.

"You may not have to discard those old VCR because of the Y2K problem.

Some, if not most, VCR's won't be able to use the programmed advanced
recording feature. Do not throw away your VCR in the year 200. Set the
year on 1972 because the calendar days of the week and month will be the
same as the year 2000.

Please pass this on because you know the manufacturer will not share
this information. They will want you to buy a new one that is Y2K


Ann SChneider