Re: [GRRN] Impact of Consolidation in Waste Industry on Recycling
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 19:15:58 EDT

Just a quick comment....I'm a waste hauler/recycler in the LA area, and in
this area, I'd have to agree with Peter about the likelyhood that a City will
contract out both waste and recycling collection to a single hauler for all
collection types, residential, commercial and in many cases even industrial.
This poses a threat to the small companies that cannot compete with the Big
Waste firms in a bidding process. It also limits out capability to provide
service in contracted areas.

I live in a City with a single franchised hauler. Our recycling programs,
both residential and commercial are pathetic. I'd love to provide service in
the area but can't unless I can provide it for free. Free & Recycling just
don't fit together in the same sentence any more.

Judi Gregory
Global Waste Recycling