RE: [GRRN] Joint contracts for waste/recyclables

Lyman-Onkka, Cathi (Cathi.Lyman-Onkka@Co.Ramsey.MN.US)
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 13:23:05 -0500

Ramsey County, Minnesota is 103,923 acres or 170.2 square miles and
totally urban or suburban. There are no unincorporated areas. All
residents are required by their municipality to have trash collection
service. Saint Paul is the largest city in the County and has just over
half the population (272,235 of 485,765). Gem Lake is the smallest city
with a population of about 490. All municipalities in the County have
had residential recycling programs since at least 1989, and some existed
before 1989.

Regarding the arrangements municipalities have for residential recycling
collection, in Ramsey County, Minnesota the system is mixed.

Open hauling - resident contracts with any licensed hauler for trash
collection service
Open recycling - as above plus hauler must also offer residents
recycling collection as part of their service
Organized collection - one hauler or a group of haulers, each with an
exclusive district, provides trash collection service but not recycling
Organized recycling - one recycling contractor, or more than one
contractor but each with an exclusive district, provides all residential
recycling collection (or all recycling collection to single family
Organized collection with recycling collection included - same hauler
does both trash and recycling collection for all residential properties
in the municipality or in their district in the municipality

Arden Hills - open hauling, organized recycling
Falcon Heights - open hauling, organized recycling
Gem Lake - open hauling, organized recycling
Lauderdale - open hauling, organized recycling
Little Canada - organized collection with recycling included
Maplewood - open hauling, organized recycling
Mounds View - open hauling, open recycling
New Brighton - open hauling, organized recycling
North Oaks - open hauling, organized recycling
North Saint Paul - organized collection, organized recycling (not the
same vendors)
Roseville - open hauling, organized recycling
Saint Anthony - open hauling, open recycling
Saint Paul - open hauling, organized recycling
Shoreview - open hauling, organized recycling
Vadnais Heights - organized collection with recycling included
White Bear Lake - organized collection with recycling included
White Bear Township - organized collection with recycling included

There are 19 cities in the County. The two not listed above, Blaine and
Spring Lake Park are primarily in Anoka County and not included in the
Ramsey County recycling information. There are no residential properties
in the Ramsey County portion of Blaine.
Cathi Lyman-Onkka