[GRRN] Joint contracts for waste/recyclables

John Reindl (reindl@co.dane.wi.us)
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 12:25:39 -0600

Doug Koplow asked -

> ***I'd be interested in the opinions from some of the
> municipalities on the list serve regarding whether joint contracts
> are generally done, and what options there might be for separating
> them without creating a great deal of additional administrative
> oversight.

My experience in Wisconsin is that virtually all curbside recycling
programs are done by the same hauler as the waste collection
programs. When Wisconsin started its efforts, this was often
encouraged as a method of providing coordination between the two
efforts as well as easing the administrative burdens on the
municipalities. With the benefits of cost savings from dual
collection vehicles, I would expect that these systems may have
some significant economic benefits vs separate contracts.

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