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Subject: Register by Friday for Industrial Ecology IV Conference Discounts!
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BEN members,

On April 29 - May 2, BEN is co-sponsoring The Future 500's fourth-annual
conference, Industrial Ecology IV: The Profit in Sustainability. We have
arranged substantial discounts for BEN members that register by this Friday
(April 16th). Discounts apply to both the full conference as well as the
workshop on Friday, April 30.

IE IV has an excellent line-up of featured participants and topics and will
be a great opportunity to learn, network, and share the knowledge and
experiences you have gained in your own companies. The event will be held at
Mt. Madonna Conference Center in the mountains above Gilrory. Additional
conference details and a registration form for BEN members are below. I hope
to see you at IE IV.

Laura Teksler

The Profit in Sustainability - The Sustainability of Profit
Tachi Kiuchi, Mitsubishi Electric * Tom Stephens, CEO, MacMillan
Bloedel * Ray Anderson, CEO, Interface * Sarah Severn, Nike
Jim Bosch, Target/Mervyns, Anita Burke, Equilon, and many others...

As you may know, the Future 500's upcoming Industrial Ecology IV
(IE IV) conference will take place April 29 - May 2 and space is going
fast. This powerful learning event will draw together some of the
world's top hands-on business professionals to explore the profit in
sustainability: Case studies that demonstrate it, management
strategies that advance it, and measurement tools that drive it.

To ensure that this is a high impact, highly interactive event, only
200 people will be able to attend the full event. Available space is
quickly running out, and like last year, we expect the conference to
sell out.

If you plan to attend the event, we strongly encourage you to
register today. Visit http://www.globalff.org/frm-ie4.htm, call
(916) 486-5999, or complete and fax/mail the form below.
Additional conference details are also below. We look forward
to the opportunity to work with you at IE IV!

Best regards,

Tachi Kiuchi
Chairman, The Future 500
Managing Director, Mitsubishi Electric

Bill Shireman
President, The Future 500

The Profit in Sustainability - The Sustainability of Profit

A collaborative learning event
Presented by The Future 500
April 29 - May 2, 1999
Mt. Madonna Center near San Jose, California
(Registration Form at the bottom of this message)

=46eaturing Top Executives and Experts:
*Ray Anderson, CEO, Interface
*Anita Burke, EH&S Manager, Equilon Enterprises
*Jim Bosch, Envt=92l. Team Leader, Target/Mervyn=92s
*David Hurst, Author, Crisis and Renewal
*Kevin Kelly, Executive Editor, Wired Magazine
*Tachi Kiuchi, Managing Director, Mitsubishi Electric
*Gunter Pauli, Director, Zero Emissions Research Institute
*Sarah Severn, Global Director, Nike Envt=92l. Action Team
*Tom Stephens, CEO, MacMillan Bloedel
*Margaret Wheatley, Author, Leadership and the New Science

Together with some of the most creative, experienced, and
engaging business leaders and experts from the sustainable
business community, we will explore the powerful tools and
strategies that leading companies like AT&T, Interface, Hewlett
Packard, Nike, and Target are using to grow more profitable,
high-performance, and sustainable businesses.

We'll focus on the practical application of management,
measurement, and policy systems that enable businesses and the
economy to maximize total gain: economic, social and

IE IV will break the mold of standard "sit and listen"
conferences. This collaborative learning event combines thought-
provoking presentations, practical workshops and case studies,
and engaging roundtable discussions all designed to help
companies discover new profit opportunities. And we'll take it a
step further, applying the knowledge, resources, and connections
we collectively share to develop new projects, partnerships, and
business principles.

The profit in sustainability is most often linked with savings
generated by minimizing social and environmental costs. But
successful businesses are not built on savings alone. Smart
companies are discovering even greater value in sustainability
through new profit opportunities like product innovation,
expanding market niches, and enhanced brand loyalty. They are
also ensuring more sustainable profits, reducing risks from
regulatory uncertainties, changes in resource prices, and social
and ecological disruptions. So how do we get there from here? And
how do we know when we've moved closer?

Business Ecosystems
The new economy is toppling the rusty, machine-like organizations of
our industrial past. Emerging in their place are sustainable
organizations that emulate nature's living systems: continuously
learning and constantly adapting, ultra-efficient and fiercely
competitive, highly creative and infused with purpose. We'll explore
the management strategies that are enabling companies to generate
sustainable profits today.

Performance Metrics
What we measure is what we know. Tools that effectively measure
economic, social and environmental performance are providing
companies with the strategic knowledge needed to drive innovation
and efficiency. We'll delve into tools like MET (materials,
energy, toxicity), the Global Reporting Initiative, the Corporate
Genuine Progress indicator, and others.

Policy Innovation
New regulatory, legislative and tax reform strategies can be a
powerful catalyst for sustainable profits, uniting the interests
of businesses and environmentalists, economy and ecology. Explore
the opportunities for business and government with regulators,
free market advocates, corporate compliance professionals, and
policy experts.

Emerging Movements
What are the big trends with profit potential for business and
society? Learn about emerging movements like Zero Waste, Natural
Capitalism, Chaordic Organizations, Sustainability by Design,
Ecological Engineering, Industrial Ecosystems, Biomimicry and more.

*Out of the Box and into the Future: Design for the 21st Century
*Net Gain: Measuring Total Corporate Performance
*Eco-Accounting: Choosing and Using Metrics that Work
*Industrial Ecology in Action: Case Studies in Sustainable Profit
*Navigating the Four Stages of the Business Lifecycle
*Sustainability and the Capital Markets
*The Internet and the Future
*Natural Regulation: The Government's Role in Sustainability
*The Chaordic Organization
*The Global Reporting Initiative: Toward a Common Framework
*Shifting Taxes from Value to Waste
*Growing a Sustainable Brand
*Feedback and Takeback: Organizational Strategies that Promote
Industrial Ecology
*The Technology Imperative: Sustainability and Human Ingenuity
*The Zero Waste Challenge
*Unleashing Group Genius
*Cultivating Industrial Ecosystems Worldwide
*ISO 14000 and Performance-Based Regulation
*Going Local in the Global Marketplace
*Y2K and Beyond

*Ray Anderson, CEO, Interface Inc.
*David Hurst, Author, Crisis and Renewal
*Tachi Kiuchi, Managing Director, Mitsubishi Electric
*John Petersen, President, The Arlington Institute
*Miha Pogacnik, Founder, IDRIART
*Bill Shireman, President, Global Futures
*Tom Stephens, CEO, MacMillan Bloedel
*Margaret Wheatley, Author, Leadership and the New Science

*Janine Benyus, Author, Biomimicry
*Jim Bosch, Envt'l. Team Leader, Target/Mervyns
*Anita Burke, Manager EH&S, Equilon Enterprises
*Susan Burns, President, Natural Strategies
*Fritjof Capra, Exec. Director, Center for Ecoliteracy
*Leslie Christian, President, Progressive Investment Management
*Gil Friend, President, Gil Friend and Associates
*Bill Green, President, Ecolink, Inc.
*Kevin Kelly, Executive Editor, Wired Magazine
*Ernie Lowe, Indigo Development
*Joel Makower, Editor, Green Business Letter
*Jacquelyn Ottman, President, Ottman Consulting
*Gunter Pauli, Director, Zero Emissions Research Initiative
*Ed Quevedo, Pillsbury Madison & Sutro, LLP
*Lynn Scarlett, Exec. Director, Reason Public Policy Institute
*Hardin Tibbs, CEO, Synthesys Strategic Consulting
*Mark Wade, Shell International
*Larry Yee, The Chaordic Alliance
*Dr. Gary Wolff, Redefining Progress

IE IV is not just another environmental business conference.
Instead, we will focus on the future of business itself, exploring
how our companies can profit from sustainability today and
better sustain profit over time. Participants will include CEO's,
entrepreneurs, government professionals, senior managers,
venture capitalists, environmental and social leaders, EH&S
professionals, product developers, marketing and communications
experts, engineers and others.

This diverse gathering of people will create a powerful, collaborative
event. Our goals: To learn from one another, generate new
ideas, stimulate new ways of thinking, develop new tools, forge new
alliances, and have fun while we're doing it.

1. Learn new management strategies that create high-performance,
sustainable businesses

2. Explore new measurement tools that drive down costs and promote
sustainable innovations

3. Delve into new policy innovations that can stimulate sustainable
profits and growth

4. Get case studies from the field shared by hands-on business

5. Discuss your most difficult sustainable business questions with
leading experts

6. Be a part of the Future 500 community. Network with new
colleagues, mentors, and prospects

7. Develop projects, partnerships, and principles for business

8. Discover how your company can gain strategic competitive
advantage in the emerging economy

9. Embed creativity, innovation and sustainability throughout your

10. Take away new strategies, tools, and contacts that will help
you profit from sustainability immediately


Pre-Conference Workshop: Thursday, April 29
1:00 - 4:00pm Natural Step Training, Gil Friend, GF & Assoc.

Opening Session: Thursday, April 29
4:00pm Welcome
5:30 Dinner
6:30 Keynote: Ray Anderson, CEO, Interface
7:30 Roundtable: Killer Apps -- New Case Studies of
The Natural Step in Practice

Workshop Intensive: Friday, April 30
7:30am Light Breakfast
8:00 Introduction: The Profit in Sustainability
8:30 Roundtable: Industrial Ecology in Action
9:45 Break
10:00 Keynote Workshop: Managing the Whole Business Lifecycle
David Hurst, Author, Crisis and Renewal
11:15 Roundtable: Management Strategies that Drive Sustainable
12:15 Lunch
1:15 Keynote: John Petersen, Director, Arlington Institute
2:00 Roundtable: Industrial Ecosystems from Around the World
3:00 Break
3:15 Roundtable: Measuring the Triple Bottom Line: Total Business
Performance Metrics
4:45 Closing Keynote: The Case for a Natural Capitalist Revolution
Tachi Kiuchi, Managing Director, Mitsubishi Electric
5:00 IE IV Workshop Intensive Ends
5:30 Dinner
7:30 Special Evening Presentation:
Miha Pogacnik, Concert Violinist

Roundtable Retreat: Saturday, May 1
7:30am Light Breakfast
8:00 Opening Session: Bill Shireman
8:15 Breakout Workshops & Roundtables I
10:15 Brunch
11:15 Keynote: Tom Stephens, MacMillan Bloedel
11:45 Breakout Workshops & Roundtables II
2:00 Extended Break / Snack
2:30 Roundtable: Case Studies in Sustainable Profit
3:30 The Idea Marketplace: Breakout Workshops and Roundtables III
5:30 Dinner
7:30 Special Evening Presentation:
Margaret Wheatley, Author, Leadership and the New Science

Roundtable Retreat: Sunday May 2
8:00am Breakfast
9:00 Breakout Working Groups IV
11:30 Beyond the Industrial Revolution
1:00 Lunch
2:00 Redwood Forest Hike with Tachi Kiuchi


"My expectations were not only met, but exceeded. A very
inspiring event"
-- Carl Henn, Rutgers University

"Incredible atmosphere, room for building personal relationships,
great facilitation, inspired panelists and facilitators"
-- Gesa Clasen, Holger Clasen Inc.

"Thank you for a wonderful experience. I would recommend this
to anyone."
-- Terri Hughes, Quantum Corporation

"Before we came, not one of us didn't wonder, 'Do I have the
time?' Now, we all know that we have more time and resources
because of what we've learned, what we've done, and who we've met"
-- David Sutton, The Antaeus Group

To take advantage of the BEN discount, complete this from
and e-mail, fax, or mail it with credit card info. or check using
the contact information provided at the bottom of the form.

LIMITED REGISTRATION OFFER (Valid until April 16, 1999)
***For BEN Members ONLY

=46ull Event (Apr 29-May 2):
__ $495 -- Regulary $595 (save $100)

Pre-Conference Natural Step Training (Apr 29)
__$50 -- Regularly $65 (save $15)

Workshop Only (Apr 30):
__ $195 -- Regularly $295 (save $50)

Roundtable Retreat Only (May 1-2):
__$395 -- Regularly $495 (save $100)

On-Site Accommodations and Meals
__ Double Occupancy $275
__ Triple Occupancy $250
__ Meals only (staying off-site) $125

SOLD OUT: Standard (dorm-style rooms) $200

*For more information or to get a list of accommodations near
the conference center contact Millie Chu at (415) 643-4737.

Take advantage of member prices listed above and other
valuable benefits by joining the Future 500. For more info. about
membership, visit: http://www.globalff.org/Future_500/frm-500.htm

__Limited Business Membership: $395
*Includes registration to the IE IV Workshop (4/30/99)

__Limited Individual/Non-profit Membership: $195

__Full Membership / IE IV Sponsor: $5,000
*Includes registration for two at IE IV

Please complete and e-mail, fax, or mail this form with your check
or credit card using the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Total Amount Due $____________

Method of Payment: __Check __VISA __MasterCard

Card Number________________

Expires ___________

Name/Title _____________________________________

Organization ____________________________________

Address ________________________________________

City, State, Zip ___________________________________

Phone/Fax _______________________________________

Email and Web ___________________________________

Email, fax or mail this form to:

Cathy Johnson (globef@aol.com)
Global Futures
801 Crocker Road
Sacramento, CA 95864
(916) 486-5999 fax 5990

Online Registration: http://www.globalff.org/frm-ie4.htm