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GOP Budgets Slash Money From Administration's Environment
Request. Inside EPA Weekly Report, March 26, 1999, pp1,8.
Pending budgets in the Senate and House, if enacted, would cut
Environmental Protection Agency spending by about 12 percent of
FY99 enacted funding.
Agencies affected by the proposed cuts include the EPA,
Department of Interior and Department of Agriculture. The exact
amount of reductions could vary according to the manner in which
the appropriations committee doles out the funds.
Many new EPA initiatives would be cut if the budget passes in
its current version, agency sources say.
The administration requested $24.6 billion in budget authority
for environment and natural resource programs for FY2000 and an
additional $24.1 billion in budget outlays to fund environmental
programs at all of the federal agencies.
The EPA is extremely vulnerable to the Republican attacks,
says one environmentalist, forecasting an uphill battle for
funding just to meet its basic agenda, not to mention funding for
new initiatives.
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